Have you ever decided to go to buy a pair of shoes and ended up swiping your credit/ debit card several times in various shops of the mall only to come home and feel guilty about it? I accidentally stumbled upon one of the YouTube channels about minimalist lifestyle and was instantly drawn towards to it and what followed was hours and hours of seeing videos on minimalism only wanting to have the same house décor, the same plant as so and so minimalist only to realise I had got it all wrong. When I dwelled deep into the subject I realised in my country  minimalism has been a way of life since centuries. I realised when I pondered deep into the subject that minimalism isn’t just about eliminating things, donating everything I love or only have clothes to fit into a backpack. Along with all of the physical de clutter and adopting environment friendly ways it’s about internal peace and trying to jump right into it is only going to make one frustrated. I also felt It’s not going to help me to be at peace if I try to fit into someone’s minimalist lifestyle journey that worked for him/her. I figured to each its own is the thing when it comes to minimalism. For one having colourful wall art is something he/she loves and white may not be their colour like some other minimalist but one can still try to be minimalist about it by slowly investing small portion of money into it instead of buying ten colourful arts. I realised I can’t be happy if I just have six clothes in my wardrobe maybe having ten clothes is my thing or maybe having just two pair of jeans is my thing and not six essential jeans that every person needs to have which worked for someone else because what I learnt about minimalism is that what worked for someone else might not work for me. It isn’t a definite set of rules that one needs to follow to be called a minimalist. It’s okay to be flexible about it because the goal of minimalism is to be at peace and happy and more mindful in living our life and not frustrated if we fail to follow one or two things to follow a minimalist lifestyle. One can find one’s own happiness and peace by discovering their own way of living a minimalist lifestyle.                                   Also what I learnt is minimalism requires patience. It’s not possible to just have a no shopping month if till yesterday I was adding things to my cart and swiping my cards at malls. It’s a journey and a slow one and also the journey of minimalism is different for different people so next time you see someone having just six pair of t-shirts take it as an inspiration for trying to eliminate something you are guilty of hoarding more and not just eliminate all your t-shirts because I feel minimalism is about finding your own peace and happiness by eliminating your excess and not feeling guilty and discouraged by seeing/hearing about someone-else’s minimalist journey.

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Hi, I’m an educator. This blog is started with the intent to share and discuss various English grammar topics along with other random things and also to reflect, learn and grow as a teacher in my teaching methodology.

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