On a cold frosty night when my mind is filled with thoughts of frightful life sights and I suffer from loss of appetite
Suddenly, waves of peace seems to emerge from my Gurudev and Rudradev glorious sight and hints me that everything is going to be alright!
The next morning when I open my eyes
Everything seems to be chirpy and bright.
Has all my worries taken a flight?
No, the mighty worries stand still in front of my sight.
One may wonder with such frightful life sights how can one be so light and full of life?
It’s the realisation that my Gurudev and Rudradev is always with me in this life and afterlife
which makes way for all the tranquility to arrive
And makes the frightful life sights seem too small to be alive.

Published by

Ink for English.

Hi, I’m an educator. This blog is started with the intent to share and discuss various English grammar topics along with other random things and also to reflect, learn and grow as a teacher in my teaching methodology.

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