Calm in the chaos.

“ Focus on positive”, “ Good vibes only “ “Think positive” all of these quotes are helpful during days we feel low but it seems mentally exhausting to me to always push away negative thoughts and maintain positive state all the time. I wonder if it is possible for a normal person living in society looking after family, having to complete deadline at work , wanting to achieve success in life to just be chirpy and focus on positive all the time. We have tons of problems of different varieties, different dimensions in our lives and just pushing away negative thoughts seems temporary solution.

I feel such quotes are easy to read as we scroll through our phone galleries but difficult to implement. Sometimes the idea of just focusing on positive, this constant pressure to be chirpy all the time and discussing our issues making others give  us the tag of “ negative person” makes one feel fearful to accept and share  negative emotions which slowly leads to path of depression. Is it really bad to discuss so called “ negative emotions” with our loved ones?! Why is one made to feel guilty if he/she experiences emotions that are not in line with being positive?! Is it really necessary to segregate emotions as negative or positive?! Im in no way against organisations that promote the idea of being positive. I, myself, have been follower of few such organisations. I feel there is general misinterpretation for some percentage of people or maybe my misinterpretation about their misinterpretation about the whole idea of focusing on positive.Too confusing ?! I got confused too after reading the above line.

Anyways, I believe that categorising emotions as negative and positive is not necessary because that gives undue pressure and guilt if we associate our emotions with the word “negative”. So what are we suppose to do if we don’t associate our emotions with these terms and memorise the quotes of positivity during hard times, which does help every time says my own personal experience but it’s just till we are scrolling through all of it then again it’s back to square one feeling those rush of uncomfortable emotions which we were suppressing creeping in us again. One might ask what shall we do in such circumstances?! Are we suppose sit and accept sadness ? Yes, but just accepting these uncomfortable (negative) emotions will lead us to the path of depression. so, after accepting all our emotions positive and negative we can work on the emotions that make us uncomfortable (negative) try to solve those problems that makes us experience these uncomfortable emotions depending on it being it outward or inward.

Now, it’s not practically possible to always change and solve the outward situation to help us get rid of uncomfortable emotions so in such cases we can accept our negative emotions and try to change our perspective on it and sometimes even when that seems impossible instead of feeling like failure because we don’t have control on our own thoughts just accept it and move on instead of just pushing those thoughts away and it won’t be easy but either accepting and addressing it or accepting and moving on depending on the situation will help us eradicate those uncomfortable emotions for a very long time and once when we have accepted all our emotions we feel free and that constant pressure to push away uncomfortable (negative) thoughts and act all positive won’t be necessary because when there is no negative we are only left with positive.

There is a state beyond positive and negative which is “thoughtlessness”and often this word is associated with saints meditating in Himalayas and it’s difficult but not impossible to achieve such state and many organisations that I know of help people to effortlessly achieve such state and be positive in true sense by either concentrating on techniques of “ pranayama” or work on soul level by meditation and two such organisations that I personally have been part of are “Art of living” during my childhood and  since few years “ samarpan meditation”. Both of these organisations and insightful talks and readings  of other organisations on the subject of spirituality have helped me find my calmness in the worldly chaos.So, if you ever feel you need to find your inner peace you can search the names of the above organisations or any other organisations names which can help you or even scroll through “being positive” quotes if it helps you to find peace in the chaos.

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