Following one’s passion.

Job satisfaction is a term used to measure workers satisfaction with their job. It’s a term used very frequently in every organisation amongst people but the experience of being dissatisfied with one’s job can lead a person into utter depression. When can one say one is truly satisfied with a job?! Everyone might have different parameters to judge satisfaction in job. For some work that includes completing targets might be their dream job because it helps them perform better while taking up challenges for some the same job may lead to sleepless nights and anxiety attacks in sales meet of the year. Once in a while everyone gets the sudden rush to just press the elevator button of our office corridor and never to return to the desk neatly piled with files and frames of our family picture which helps us get through the weekdays in a job which we don’t like. It’s said following ones passion makes one love his/her job. How much of that holds true in today’s scenario when following passion ultimately lends one into a job where one is not allowed to express or utilise his or her set of skills rather trained to be a robot to abide by rules of working in the same pattern as mentioned by the organisation rather than letting the person who studied day and night to get a degree so that he/she can follow his/her passion only to be disappointed by changing jobs being tagged as a job hopper or lazy enough to work hard. Yes, rules and regulations are to be followed and in some critical jobs it becomes essential to follow but there are fields where the output of the same work by following different methods is possible so why not let the employee use his/her strengths and give the company the best results?! Is the method so important than the result if both the methods are equally good and moral?! To give an example, teaching is an art and allowing the teachers to use his/her skills set will lead to better outputs but sadly in some cases teachers are given a set pattern in the way they are suppose to deliver the lessons and a slight change in the pattern could get one in trouble?! Aren’t teachers there to make the students understand the concept in the simplest possible manner and won’t a teacher be able to deliver the lessons in the way in which he/she is the most comfortable in . Has teaching become so mechanical where all the teachers are suppose to just do rote method of the way they are suppose to teach and deliver the same in the class?! Is it wrong if one teacher is more comfortable using visual teaching aids for the same topic and the other is more comfortable with story narration for the same topic ?!                                                                          
“Follow your passions” is easier said than done. Following ones passion isn’t easy because there is no guarantee that it will lead one to be successful right away in most cases never because we lose the patience and decide to change our field of job and when that happens you feel lost, disheartened because that’s the only thing in the world we know and which makes us happy but we are so emotionally down we don’t realise the fact that patience is the key and so we change fields, change jobs to be able to splurge money like our counter parts and yes, we do succeed to land a job which gives hefty pay check but no five star meals or designer bags makes us happy and satisfied so one day we give it all up at the risk of being tagged as “fool” and decide to take our cars in reverse gear and press the restart button to follow our passion again which still doesn’t guarantee success right away but it gives us the happiness no money could.
Well, we live in real world everyone can’t afford to just leave everything and follow their passions by give up their job but can we during our spare time decide to do something that we are passionate about?! Maybe take up a cooking class if one has always dreamed of starting their own restaurant or take up an art class while still working with numbers on weekdays. won’t it put a smile on our faces in anticipation for the coming weekend class activity that we so feel passionate about?!

Life isn’t easy and it will never be everything doesn’t go as planned but that’s the fun and challenging part of it to be able to enjoy ourselves by trying to make the best of every situation. So, let’s just decide to do something that we feel passionate about even if it means devoting just one hour to it on weekend.

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Ink for English.

Hi, I’m an educator. This blog is started with the intent to share and discuss various English grammar topics along with other random things and also to reflect, learn and grow as a teacher in my teaching methodology.

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