A broken promise.

We all have learnt in our grammar classes how words & sounds are combined together to make a sentence. We speak hundreds to few thousands of words in a day to communicate with each other and most of the conversations we fail to remember the next day. How much do we really value our words?! How many times do we commit or make a promise to someone only to break it without any guilt?! We all had a childhood friend with whom we made a pact to never grow apart and now when we think about those words we laugh it off thinking it to be kiddish or meaningless. We think how is it possible to stick to a promise of childhood.we grow and change just like those pinky childhood promises seems foolish so does those teenage first love promises made while gazing at stars holding hands. soon the professional world reinforces our idea that making false promises work commitments is part of life and it’s okay to bluff things as long as it gives peace at that present moment. We soon unconsciously start using such promises, making commitments at every place to so many people and take it so lightly and shrug it off when someone tries to remind us the importance of our commitment to our social circle/ work circle.we all might have at some point in our life played the victim card when someone promised to love us every single day for years to come and then in a second unapologetically leaves with no explanation and we immediately include the name of the person in our hate list. Why do we always play the blame game on the person who replicates our own behaviour ?! Don’t we all live with the guilt of breaking someone’s heart at some point of time or bitching about the long lost friend with whom you discovered the meaning of true friendship. Most of Our promises hold the value of zero and are just made at our intense emotional moment of feelings for the other person. We fail to realise that our one promise got someone building his/her future life around us and when we bombard them with the practicality of life we make the sin of breaking someone’s heart. We as humans need to know the value of a commitment/promise and make it only when we are sure that we will be able to fulfil it and in situations where we are puzzled or are unable to make a promise due to any reason can’t we just free the other person by being honest about our state of mind instead of making promises and getting other person dreaming about their future with us. If each person refrains from making promises unless sure about living by those words and perform the actions in accordance with the promise made to the other person won’t we and others save ourselves from unnecessary arguments at work place and hatred and broken hearts.

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Hi, I’m an educator. This blog is started with the intent to share and discuss various English grammar topics along with other random things and also to reflect, learn and grow as a teacher in my teaching methodology.

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