Living OR leaving the moments.

Buzzzzz… ring ring… everywhere you go and whoever you see people are always with their utmost dear companion unless you have been living under a rock but now with various advertisements promising networks in the remotest places I’m sure we all have guessed yes, our lifeline ‘phone’.It seems impossible in today’s day and age to imagine a life without phone. I say this with experience of my dear and near ones whose faces I vaguely remember because they are busy with their heads down into their phones when we meet for weekend lunch. I read in a local newspaper about hospitals being flooded with people mostly teenagers and young adults for help to get rid of phone addiction. Is it just teenagers and young adults?? I see 8-9 months old babies crying hysterically unless shown their favourite rhyme on phone or allowed to swipe with tiny little chubby hands some random things on phone. Are we moving to an age where being glued to phones, constantly checking phones in office meetings and forgetting table etiquettes the new normal? When everyone assumes everyone to be on social networking sites and if the person denies to use one he/she is either labelled either a liar or someone with abnormal tendencies. Are we so low on our self worth that we get upset or happy depending on the likes of our picture? Clicking pictures and creating memories, being in touch with people, voicing our opinions on social media and many more opportunities are a boon but misusing the advancement of technology will only wake up us to news of more and more youngsters suffering from depression and to shocking news of people falling of a cliff while clicking selfies.Talking about our day with family, having silly fights with siblings, Playing sports with friends, stopping people to ask for directions and gossiping with our girl gang over coffee seems like history. The day we all come out of our denial mode of living a balanced life which isn’t too difficult from my personal experience of many years ago and limit our phone usage to few hours a day we will be able to make the person sitting across the coffee table keep away his/her phone away and smile at us.

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6 thoughts on “Living OR leaving the moments.”

  1. This post hit a note for me. I was having a discussion with friends just last night about “appropriate” mobile phone use in social situations. It is so frustrating when you plan to meet for a couple of hours but lose a lot of that time to phones being checked, or worse (in my opinion) when the conversation keeps getting hi-jacked by someone who wants to show us all something RIGHT NOW because it´s SO funny and it turns out to be meme after meme which they could just send to the Whatsapp group…
    I´m glad I´m not alone in my frustrations with mobile phones (full disclosure: I love mine but it lives in my handbag!)


    1. Ya it’s super frustrating when everyone around you is busy taking selfies and chatting on their phones. I mean I’m no one to judge but ya I do feel one just needs to realise the importance of meaningful conversations with family and friends rather than just ask someone’s whereabouts who is miles away while the other person is sitting across the table waiting for him/her to look up and talk.


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